Nollywood pros make case for Improved script writing

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LAGOS – Some stakeholders in Nollywood on Saturday said that scriptwriting could be improved through exposing budding scriptwriters in advanced courses overseas.

They told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that although the efforts of present scriptwriters were not being undervalued they needed to be improved on urgently.

A Movie Producer, Lancelot Udoh, described scriptwriting as a constantly evolving process, saying that Nollywood scriptwriters needed to constantly evolve with it.

“A good screenplay is one of the major factors responsible for a good movie that is it is necessary for scriptwriters to get some tutoring from abroad.”

“Nigerian movies are on global front, being the third highest producer of films in the world, and a first-rate scripted movie will make to stand ,” he said.
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In contribution, Seun Aboderin, a in performing arts and theatre, said that inclusion of professional courses in educational curriculum would help advance Nigerian scriptwriters.

“If budding scriptwriters can attend seminars and get adequate training from competent institutions, it will help them develop new ways to genuinely capture audience attention with refreshing themes and storyline.

“This can catapult Nollywood to be on the level with its counterparts,” he said.

Nkiru Nwakanma, a novelist and playwright, said the basic ingredient for Nollywood to improve on its international presence was to improve on its scriptwriting.

“The basic ingredients for Nollywood to have an international presence even without major graphics were unique storytelling abilities through creativity.

“Creativity can be got through mastery of English language and all its creative nature, its abilities to play on words and task the brain to understand complex nature in the simplest ways.

“For example the vision of images, something complex in writing form can appear simple when seen and this is how scriptwriting works.

“So mastery involves taking courses in desired areas and also giving room for criticism,” she said. (NAN)

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