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ogo: Lomé to host international tennis competition


LOME – The Togolese capital, Lomé, will from Dec. 8 to Dec. 20 host an international tennis competition dubbed “Open du Togo-ITF Futures and Pro Circuit Event’’.

The tournament, which will bring together male players from the various parts of the world, has the goal to make the winners move to the ranking of the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) and prize money of 1.2 million CFA.

In addition to this, organisers say that the winner will garner 35 points on the ATP ranking while the runner-up will get 20 points. Altogether, 37 countries are expected for the tournament.

According to the promoter of the tournament, French-Ivorian Boniface Papa Nouveau, the new competition, which aims at motivating the youth, can become an annual meeting for tennis in West Africa.

It could eventually be placed on the annual calender of the International Tennis Federation (ITF).

The organiser says the choice of Lomé for the tournament is because of efforts of the Togolese Tennis Federation (FTT) in terms of appropriate infrastructure and motivation of youth who opt for tennis. (PANA/NAN)

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