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On the Multiple Evidence of Torture,Mass Murder by The Nigerian Army in the SouthEast


By Mbe Nwaniga

Some serious crimes like torture,war crimes, genocide, crimes against humanity, hostage taking etc can be tried in UK domestic courts even if the alleged crime was committed abroad and against non-British nationals.I don’t know about other countries.We should try and find out.

According to Owen Bowcott of the UK Guardian legal department, ” the legal principle, enacted through section 134 of the 1988 Criminal Justice Act in the UK, was used when the Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet was arrested in London in 1998.
In 2009, a British judge granted an arrest warrant against Tzipi Livni, who had been Israel’s foreign minister during the country’s assault on Gaza.

After the Livni case, the law was changed so that before any arrests can be made the police must first be satisfied with the evidence, the director of public prosecutions must authorise the procedure and a magistrate at Westminster magistrates court must grant an arrest warrant”

Evidence of torture by the army can be used to prosecute anyone involved no matter their position, including the Chief of Army Staff or even President Buhari.

It is important that we document all the atrocities reportedly being committed in Umuahia,Aba and Port Harcourt.

The day of judgement is not far away!

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