Onitiri urges caution over IPOB, ESN crisis

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Renowned socio-political activists and critic, Adesunbo Onitiri has impressed on the Presidency the to tread softly the festering crisis involving the former and IPOB, ESN.

Speaking in Lagos yesterday Onitiri said this admonition is imperative, so as not to be misconstrued by Nigerians and international community as a clampdown on the people.

Onitiri explained that no Nigerian would accept any tribe to stockpile arms or declare war against the nation. But the must be very, very careful and honest not to provoke the anger of the entire people of the South Eastern Nigeria that might precipitate another tribal conflict in the country.

The social critic pointed out that it would be unwise and unreasonable for the to rely on unsubstantiated allegations against the IPOB and that they were stockpiling arms and bombs against Nigeria.

“The Boko Haram, bandits and terrorists have clearly overwhelmed our military. Any government that cannot protect lives and of its citizens has no business to remain in power,” he alleged.

Onitiri also cautioned the government to be wary about the release of 5000 acclaimed repentant members into the society in view of the killings, maiming of innocent Nigerians and destruction of their property by these people.