Pastor’s Wife Who Mistakely Sent Her Nude Photos To Church WhatsApp Group Attempts Suicide

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A Ghanaian pastor’s wife who mistakenly sent her nude video to her church’s Whatsapp group (read here), attempted suicide after discovering her mistake as the video has gone viral .

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she became an object of ridicule, especially among church members. Out of embarrassment, she tried ingesting a poisonous liquid substance but was stopped in time by her family members, according to Ghanaian news sites.

who is in her mid-thirties and nursing a 6-month-old baby was home without her husband, who was on a trip outside the country, so she decided to film herself and send to him. She sent the video with the words, “It’s all yours when you return.” Sadly, it got sent to the wrong people.

She sent out more than one nude video and they are currently still circulating online.

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