Police Commission director, Emmanuel Ibe wins Michael Okpara Leadership Award

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Michael Okpara Foundation, has conferred a prestigious leadership award, tagged, “Dr. Michael Okpara Prize for Leadership” on Emmanuel Ibe, Director, Department of Police Investigation at the Police Service Commission.

The award ceremony which was held at Sheraton Hotel, Abuja, also had other key stakeholders who won the award in attendance. The event also marked the centenary celebration of the Foundation.

Ibe, an expert in corporate strategy, public policy and project management, said the award will spur him to do more for his people, the and the Country in general.

He said he is a firm believer in a just and equitable Nigeria, where all citizens are equal, irrespective of tribe or religion. According to him, Nigeria needs credible leaders like Michael Okpara who will make good things happen for the people.

Ibe who served as in charge of administration and resources management, said the unnecessary tension in the Country was uncalled for, insisting that the can be addressed if the right things are put in place.

He said: “This is an award I’ll cherish for a very long time. Michael Okpara is a household name in the and in the entire old Eastern region. What he did can’t be matched by anyone for now. He’s a man who did a lot for the Igbo and Nigeria in general.

“For me to have been considered for this award, is a call on me to continue to do more for people, champion a just and equitable system, where everyone will be equal irrespective of tribe or religion. I strongly believe that these can be resolved.

“Nigeria is a great country and we need to play role and make sure that we survive. Our strength is in our diversity and we must do everything possible to ensure that everyone is carried along in developing this great nation.”