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Qatar 2022: Participating nations to discuss plight of migrant workers



LONDON- The Football Association is working  with federations in other countries to identify the best way to shine a light on the plight of migrant workers in World Cup host nation, Qatar.

Amnesty International has called on FIFA to earmark at least 440 million dollars to support projects to compensate the families of migrant workers in the Gulf state who have died.

It also said the money was to reimburse others forced to pay recruitment fees in order to work.

The FA also wants the money which Amnesty says is equivalent to the prize fund allocated to the competing nations to support efforts to protect workers’ rights in the future.

FA chief executive, Mark Bullingham, said representatives from the national associations of the countries who had qualified for the finals were travelling out to Qatar at the weekend to discuss human rights issues.

“We are looking at two things: first, what is the legacy programme, and second, what is any symbolic gesture that we collectively would like to make.

“We would hope to be able to give an update on that after we’ve spoken to the players in the wake of that workshop,” he said.

Amnesty made a specific call on the England team to support remediation efforts for migrant workers.

The FA chair, Debbie Hewitt, said if there was a positive to come from a World Cup held in Qatar, then it was the opportunity to give the migrant workers their voice. (dpa/NAN)

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