Residents Raise Alarm, As Cattle Ranch Springs Up Beside Military Base In Enugu

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Residents have begun to raise eyebrows about the large number of cows that now occupy a particular portion near the 82 Division of the Nigerian Army in Enugu metropolis, Enugu State, wondering whether it marks the first cattle ranch in the state.

An alarm raised by Uche Maduemesi, lawyer and journalist resident in the capital city of the South East, gave a graphic picture of the new development in a Facebook post, on Friday.

The post, which not only raised the relevant questions about the propriety of allowing such number of cows in the heart of the state capital, especially in a location that is of the entry points into the city, also talked about the implications.

He wrote: “A cattle ranch, it seems, is gradually taking its root beside the fence of the 82 Division Nigeria Army barracks on the road to Abakpa Nike from the National Orthopaedic Hospital junction in Enugu.

“Initially, when the herds of cattle were sighted there by some us, including me, we thought it was a case of cattle making a stopover on their way to their fields.

“But, what is playing out is different, as they have turned the place to their permanent home. Now, the whole place is filthy and oozes a stench that is choking to waiting on the queue for the traffic light to pass them.

“Yesterday, I noticed that a young man, wearing a military camouflage a white T-shirt with an inscription: 82 Division was among the cattle tenders.

“Posers: 1. What is the Ministry of Environment doing about this as the presence of the cattles is constituting public nuisance and threat to a healthy environment.
2. That site is a major gateway to the State capital and cannot be left in such a filthy state. Why can’t the authorities mandate the herders to leave the vicinity forthwith before they become physical threats to users of the road?
3. Where are the officials of ENSWAMA?
4. The government should make a formal report to the of the GOC 82 Div demanding the removal of the ranch if the cattle are owned some soldiers. “The aesthetics of the State capital, the health of its citizens and the safety of road users, should be paramount.”