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Rotimi Amaechi Causes Stir in N1.5m Louis Vuitton Jacket


Abuja (Sundiata Post) – It does not need pointing out that wealth has a certain appeal. Among its colleagues of virtue, wealth and affluence appear to be the only ones who can completely overshadow every other, regardless of how mysterious their origin. Physical beauty is an inherited virtue and has since become duplicable with surgical precision.

The virtue of education is also gradually losing strength. But wealth, champion of the lot all the way. Perhaps this is exactly what Amaechi has found out, seeing as he has forsaken – or temporarily retired from – his austere ways.

The Lion of Ubima, as he is popularly styled, gave attendees of the 2019 edition of Ovation Red Carol held at Eko Hotels and Suites just a bit more to comment on. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, a man known to almost never retreat from a fight but rise to the challenge every time, did not so much as blink in shy acknowledgment but chose rather to flaunt the object that brought on the expressions of consternation: a designer jacket of the French Louis Vuitton brand, allegedly worth about N1.5 million.

It is general knowledge – and one that until this event was braggart territory and treasure – that Rotimi Amaechi is all for austere living and the minimalist kind of expenditure that has been viewed as cost-saving spending. Being the minister of transportation and the prime campaigner of the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari, this perspective generally sided with that of the Big Boss – which might explain why they get along so well.

In any case, the minimalist outlook on spending earned their administration a careful reputation with regards to money, rather than a parsimonious one. But all that might be changing now. It must be noted that the country is currently fighting embezzlement and corruption at the senior top-tier governmental level while battling money scams and a lifestyle of bacchanalia and spendthrift attitude with the youth. Apparently, with all that aside, the government can bling too.

At the moment, the minister is studiously working towards realizing the extensive and budget-intensive project of establishing rail tracks all over the country. If his stunt is to be taken in a serious light, it might be understood that this project – and subsequent ones – will be delivered in the best way possible, with all the cost and quality taken into judicious account.

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