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Scholars pay tributes to Stella Adadevoh


By Joe Okungbowa

Early in April this year, Lagos State Health Ministry and Commissioner, Dr. Jide Idris, appealed to all health practitioners to watch out for patients presenting symptoms of Ebola so that Nigeria would be delivered from the endemic disease already spreading through in Guinea.

The burly patient that she admitted on Sunday, July 20 had just flown in from nearby Monrovia, having cleared airport screening for hidden weapons, hazardous materials, and illegal substances, with the might of ECOWAS bureaucracy beside him, a passport of the United States of America with him, and powerful government connections behind him.

What airport security was ill-equipped to detect, however, was an even deadlier national threat – the virulent etiological agent for Ebola! Hence, in his medical history, he conveniently ignored his recent contact with a case of Ebola, visits to any person infected with the virus in a hospital, or participation in a funeral of a person who died of the disease. All three criteria, it turns out, precisely described Mr. Patrick Sawyer’s status vis-a-vis the late sister, Princess, whom he lost to Ebola, on 8th July. In Dr. Ameyo Stella Adadevoh, an epidemic found its match that effectively stopped its incurable match of death. Obligations to the Hippocratic Oath of her noble profession compelled the Senior Consultant Physician, First Consultant Medical Center, to do no harm but only good. Her august patient had just landed from endemic Liberia with distinctive symptoms; therefore, she summoned uncommon courage, ignored his denials, queried Ebola nonetheless, arranged for blood analysis, and skilfully turned his hospitalization into quarantine! By doing this, she stopped an epidemic and saved a nation from a deadly virus. As soon as his test from LUTH came back presumptive positive, she promptly alerted Federal and Lagos State Health Ministries. In so doing, she identified the index Ebola patient on Nigerian soil, stopped nationwide spread of the virus, and saved a nation from an epidemic! While she gave him medical care for his disease, he gave her medical disease for her care! But she patiently absorbed the impact of the infection that she contracted unwittingly without spreading it. In so doing, she saved her nation and averted a looming epidemic that was not! A private clinic that relies on corporate retainership and patronage of the affluent to get by, should not mess around with a VIP patient; but that, in a nutshell, is all she did by defying the petulance of a Liberian ECOWAS delegation that pressured her to discharge Mr. Sawyer to attend the “8th Joint Retreat of ECOWAS Institutions, Permanent Representatives and National Units”. By denying him medical clearance to proceed to Calabar, she saved Nigeria from an imminent epidemic… . … Yes, with her very life, she made a supreme sacrifice but saved a nation from ominous Ebola epidemic! If ever a case or nominee for posthumous National honour is needed, CASE CLOSED… !!! Much Respect, many Thanks, and GOD bless the memory of Dr. Ameyo Stella Adadevoh!! [eap_ad_2] (DR. JOE OKUNGBOWA IS TENURED PROFESSOR IN FLORIDA)

Tributes to Dr. Ameyo Stella Adadevoh

By Femi Sowoolu.

Too far away In another space we stay Imagined reality Warped realism A dangerous game we play Lonesome lives of self deceit Pretend self belief Easy to forget From whence we came We live the movie …A tragi-comedy Of sorts… Toy soldiers Tin men Cartoon characters With puny hearts Evil minds Soiled hands Tainted souls And smelly clothes…! Our angels have fled Or just die in our hands Devils in their stead …But, only the dead Bury the dead… She saves But she dies Healing hands Heal no more A diadem of silky soft petals For our heroine Roses, and Peonies Violets, and Tulips Fresh fragrances for Lady Ameyo Diva exemplar For she glows From enchanting lights above From the bosom of God A new saint, behold. Adieu.

~ Femi Sowoolu.

Tributes to Dr. Ameyo Stella Adadevoh

By Professor Clara Ikekeonwu

Woman of Substance, Consultant par excellence! You were one of the relatively few women to break the glass ceiling and walk majestically in a specialist terrain which for long on the African continent appeared to be the exclusive domain of the menfolk. You arrived there as a great achiever attracting the respect and love of even your male colleagues and all.Your love for your country and indeed humanity made you risk your life to fulfill the Hippocratic oath in the unfortunate Ebola virus disease saga. Yes you eventually paid the price, but we will always remain grateful to God for a life like yours. Great life, suffused with love for humanity. Yes, we know how much resources and efforts go into the training of a doctor more so a consultant in medicine! These are not lost though we would have loved to have you continue to render your impeccable services to humanity but God knows best. Even within the relatively short span of life you made a huge mark. You will remain a pride to humanity in general and womanhood in particular. Sleep on and take your rest in peace. We love you but God loves you more. * Professor Clara Ikekeonwu :President, Educational Foundation for African Women(EFAW) [eap_ad_3]

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