Successive governments eroded powers of traditional rulers – Don

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IBADAN –  Successive governments from colonial to post-colonial administrators had in all ways relegated Nigerian , a don has observed.

Prof. Isaac Albert the Institute of African Studies, , made the observation at a three-day conference on Leadership and Cultural Diplomacy in Nigeria on Tuesday

He said that due to this development, the traditional rulers were no longer in charge of their domains.

The don, in a paper entitled: A Lesson in Cultural Diplomacy, said “some traditional rulers end up messing up their positions in their attempt to gain relevance with certain military or elected authorities.

“However, those of them who were stubborn to the government actually met their waterloo by being taught bitter lessons.

[eap_ad_1] “To show the extent to which traditional rulers have lost control of everything, a certain ruler told me to serve as a mediator between him and another ruler on a given issue.

“A few years ago, I was sponsored by the American Government to hold meetings with all council of traditional rulers in Nigeria.

“Some of them from South-South told me that they could not give me implementation because their subjects had driven them away from their communities.

“They added that they were administering their communities from other clans\; and one even said that he was driven away from his throne by militants seven years ago.

“You see, they also go around begging for money and so, the traditional institution we claim to be protecting is not in control,” Albert stressed.

He promised to suggest solutions out of the problem in his subsequent presentation.

The conference is organised by the Institute of African , University of Ibadan. (NAN)