Teach children good values, don urges parents

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OSOGBO –  Dr Sola Ajibade, Head of African Languages Department, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, has enjoined parents to teach their children and wards good values.

Ajibade, who  made call Osogbo   an interview with News Agency of (NAN),  described family as smallest and most  important political unit.

He  said the failure of  families would automatically bring about the failure of the nation at large if nothing was done to address the anomaly.

Ajibade  expressed sadness at the level of  decadence the society as a result of  broken  homes, saying  parents had  failed their responsibilities to guide their children doing what was right.

“It is high parents began to help the nation by being firm control of the most important and sensitive political units, which is the family, and which plays a significant role the stability of a nation.

“You will agree with me every individual either contributes  positively or negatively to the development of the country must come one , and is exactly what makes the institution very important.

society today has become polarised because the families are disenchanted and  values have been totally eroded,’’ he said.

He, however, made a case for the review of the scope of civic education in  elementary to make it comprehensive..

“We have to re-arrange the societal order by re-shaping the world view of the younger generation through a comprehensive civic education at the primary and nursery levels,’’ he said. (NAN)