The Timing Is Suspicious – NBA President Speaks On FG Move To Regulate Social Media

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Olumide Akpata, The President the Bar Association (NBA), has stated that the timing for the regulation media by the federal is highly suspicious.

Akpata who admitted that there are people who are “irresponsible” in usage media, however ,stated that the timing is wrong in an interview on Channels Television’s “Sunday Politics”.

He Said;

“I struggle with the terms that we bandy around. Like I said, I think the media space is regulated already.

“Are we saying regulate or shutdown? What are we saying because we hear them using regulate? We hear the minister of Information use the word ‘sanitize.’ I just say to myself, ‘what are we trying to do?’ The timing is suspicious.

“And if we need to tweak the laws here and there, as we amend our laws every day to meet with issues that come up that were previously contemplated, we are all well and good.

“But it is throwing out the baby and the bathwater approach like I suspect that is in contemplation by those who are handling the levers of today. That is going to work.”

On setting up of panels of enquiry into the activities of the disbanded Special Anti-Robbery Squad (), he stated that the governors have the right to do so even though there are arguments about the legality of the panels.

Akpata Added;

“I think the governors are well within rights or the of the law to set up those panels of enquiry for the purpose of determining whether or not the now-disbanded went beyond remit; whether or not the claims that we have from various as to how they were mistreated or illegally treated by are correct.”