Theatre artist urges colleagues to step up performance

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LAGOS – Officer, Kiniso Concept, Joshua Alabi, on Tuesday said Nigerian theatre arts needed to step up its performance in order to be relevant in global art circle.

Alabi, whose company is a performing theatre art group, told News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that theatre about telling world about goings-on in any given society.

He added that if a country not doing well, theatre used to highlight its areas of performance.

“What we need is to fall back to our arts, craft and culture, nurture so as to help us to teach the populace what they are not getting right and lecture the also.

“We as individuals are ready to do a lot for the country but we need a to do our thing.

“A lot is lacking in the area of theatre, like and training centres,” he said.

He said that if the training centres were in place, a lot could be achieved rather looking for professionals elsewhere to come and help in the industry.


“The existing professionals will also be getting knowledgeable every day and teaching others and even getting know-how.

Alabi told NAN that there were intellectuals in the country were ready to do a lot if empowered to do so through the arts.

“Lots of people theatres, lots of people are still practicing theatre. Art is a collaborative effort that can’t be neglected,” he said.

He said that governments needed to fund the arts for to thrive and spread the news of good neighbourliness because we need to live in .

“We should redefine our democracy for our votes to count, we should have a say in our community or what is happening in our surrounding,” Alabi said.

He also said that there was the need for people to be taught about the Freedom of information Law. (NAN)