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Tompolo N4.5bn pipeline contract invitation to anarchy — Rita Lori

Abuja (Sundiata Post) – Right activist and veteral broadcaster, Chief Mrs. Rita-Lori Ogbebor, has warned Federal Government to withdraw the N4.5 billion monthly pipeline contract awarded to the leader of Movement for the Emancipation of Niger-Delta (MEND), Government Ekpemupolo aka Tompolo, describing it as invitation to anarchy.

Chief Egbebor lambasted Federal Government for failing in it’s responsibility to manage oil resources in Niger Delta and maintaining peace in the country.

For her, the award of the humongous contract sum to one individual in Niger Delta as a clear demonstration of government abdicating its responsibilities to the people.

Lori, who spoke at a press briefing in Abuja on Monday, cautioned that both states and Federal governments must demonstrate the needed political will to implement the NDDC Master Plan and avoid enriching few individuals at the detriment of the common good of the people of Niger Delta region, insisted that failure to heed the advise could spell doom for the country.

To achieve a lasting peace inn the region, the Federal Government must withdraw the Tompolo pipeline contract award, constitute NDDC board properly and ensure a holistic implementation of the Act.

” Should the Federal Government continue to watch insecurity caused by kidnapping, terrorism, banditry and other crimes to deteriorate to unimaginable level, and the situation will be a child’s play when Niger Delta militants pick up arms again.

“There is anarchy in the Niger Delta and I feel that the world should know about it. I have earlier said that the insecurity Nigerians should worry about is not the type going on in the northern part of the country, but that of the Niger Delta.”

“Interestingly, they didn’t see it the way I saw it. I am from the place and I know what I am talking about. What we have today will be a child’s play if the insecurity in the region fully manifests itself. If it has not, it will soon do so in another few months.”

“You will take a pipeline contract in Delta State, your place and then you come to Kalabari to take another one saying you are an Ijaw man because you are the only one that knows how to eat.

“You took the ones that belong to Gbaramatu, Itsekiri, Isoko, Urhobo, Kwale, you took all because you are the only one that knows how to eat. You went to Bayelsa and took everything then you came to take the one in Kalabari.

“If Timipre Sylva gave you because he said he wanted to clip my wings as if he were a god, when Sylva was a member of the House of Assembly, did I clip his wings? I am older than Sylva?

“When he was a governor, did I clip his wings? He is now a minister, did I clip his wings? Sylva said I was becoming too powerful and connived to give pipeline contracts to only Tompolo so that he would destroy what we are doing for the government he serves.

“We are making the government to be stable, but he is destabilising the same government he serves. So he brought Tompolo, gathered people, saying he would buy guns for them. Let them come. I am not boasting; let soldiers bring the Tompolo boys here.

“I am not talking about Rivers. I am saying they cannot take Kalabari. They can take every other place but I won’t allow them take Kalabari. You are collecting over N4.5bn a month for doing nothing and people are supporting you. You must leave the 82km pipeline for Kalabari. You can’t take it” she stated. (Vanguard)