Twitter Influencer, Biyi Nifemi Reacts After His Girlfriend Accused Him Of Domestic Violence – Video

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Popular Twitter influencer, Biyi Nifemi has been accused of domestic violence by his girlfriend, Sabena

incident reportedly happened in Biyi’s house during a misunderstanding. The of Sabena crying has gone viral on Twitter as she shows how her frontal wig was pulled out of her head.

However, Biyi has denied beating Sabena and has also accused her of domestic abuse and violence. He also shared photos of his battered face on social media while vowing to pursue case.

In a statement released on his Twitter page, Biyi vowed to report case to the police, as he accused his of provocation.

He tweeted; “I’ve escalated to police and will pursue this case to every length. My being a man doesn’t mean you should strike, hit , abuse and provoke me. I feel pain too. I have been nothing but good to you!”