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U.S. Immigration Policy Can Raise “Suspicion” Toward Muslims: Indonesian VP


Jakarta  –   Indonesian Vice President Jusuf Kalla said on Tuesday that U.S. President Donald Trump’s immigration policy on some Muslim-majority nations could raise “suspicion’’ toward Muslims.

“It can raise suspicion, especially toward Muslims,’’ Kalla said at the vice presidential office.

He said that the risks of the policy would finally backfire, such as the recent protests in the U.S., reminding that it could endanger the unity of the U. S. itself.

The immigration policy would also lead the immigrants shifting their destination to Asia, said Kalla, citing that “Indonesia is open for them’’.

“Based on experience, we welcome them all, including Rohingya refugees and Afghan refugees,’’ he added.

Indonesia is not included in the blacklist of nations; Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen whose citizens have been temporarily barred from entering the U.S.

Indonesia is the world’s biggest Muslim country with most of its 250-million population Islamic followers.

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