U.S, Taiwan launch cyber security event to combat ‘North Korean threat

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Taipei – Taiwan and the United States have begun an unprecedented week of cyber war exercises in Taipei in an effort to combat alleged cyber attacks from North Korea, China and others.

Taiwan’s state-run Central News Agency reported on Monday.

American Institute in Taiwan (AIT), acting director Raymond Greene, said the set of international cyber exercises with Taiwan is focused on combating threats from North Korea and other actors.

Greene said this at the opening ceremony of the Cyber Offensive and Defensive Exercises (CODE) event.

He warned that “malign actors are threatening our industry, our democratic institutions, and the integrity of our critical infrastructure, including our financial systems and telecommunications networks.’’

Greene said that several U.S agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security, together with Taiwan’s Department of Cyber Security (DCS), were cooperating in the programme, which is being hosted by Microsoft Taiwan.

Taiwan National Security Council senior advisor DT Lee said that Taiwanese government and public agencies suffer an average of 30 million cyber attacks every month, of which over 99.99 per cent are successfully blocked, CNA reported.

DCS DG, Chien Hung-wei said his agency estimated that over half of these attacks came from China, which sees self-governing Taiwan as part of its territory.

Chien said that, in addition to the U.S and Taiwan, over 10 other countries, including Australia, the Czech Republic, Indonesia, Japan and Malaysia, were participating in the exercise.