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UAE Among 15 Most Powerful Passports In the World


The UAE is set to join the rank of 15 most powerful passports in the world with the addition of three new countries for visa-free entry for Emiratis.

The UAE nationals will no longer need visa to enter Canada from June 5. In addition, visa waiver is coming from Brazil and Guyana too, resulting in a total visa-free score of 151 by beginning of June, pushing its ranking to 14th on Arton Capital’s Passport Index. The UAE shares 14th ranking with Cyprus and Brazil.

With visa-free access to Canada, the UAE is the fastest growing passport in world.

In 2017, the UAE announced a daring goal of positioning the country’s passport on the list of the five most important passports in the world by 2021.

“The UAE is a key strategic partner and lifting the visa requirement will help reaffirm the strong relationship between our two countries. It will also promote increased tourism, cultural, academic and study exchanges, as well as foster new business, trade, and investment opportunities,” said Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

Over the last decade, the UAE passport has seen immense growth in its global visa-free score and is amongst the list of nations that has experienced the fastest growth in the world. Having gained the trust and respect of over 35 countries in the past decade, UAE’s passport power is slowly but surely reaching the summit.

“We have been working with the UAE authorities to monitor and help boost the power of their passport,” said Armand Arton, president of Arton Capital. “I am delighted that our efforts are bearing fruit.”

The UAE citizens, like other visa-exempt travelers, will need an electronic travel authorization (eTA) to fly to, or transit through a Canadian airport. The eTA allows Canadian officials to screen travellers for admissibility before they board their flight to Canada.

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