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UN says over 35,000 families flee from Afghan violence


Kabul  –  The United Nations said over 35,000 Afghan families fled from their homes from January to April, 2016 due to ongoing violence in the country.

A bulletin compiled by the UN in Afghanistan said on Monday in Kabul that in the four months, 37,294 families were forced to leave their homes.

It said that the figure was at an average of seven people per family, and had added up to no fewer than 260,000 displaced persons.

The bulletin recalled that 384,480 Afghans fled their homes in 2015, a 96 per cent increase on the previous year’s number.

The UN estimated that the number of displaced people still inside the country had risen to 1.2 million.

Afghan Talibans have made gains since international troops withdrew from active fighting role in 2014.

Last year, the number of people killed and wounded in the conflict rose to the highest level yet recorded. (dpa/NAN)

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