Unbelievable! Minimum wage for Nigerian workers will be N100,000 when we take office in 2019 – Omoyele Sowore

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hehehehe……………………Sahara reporters publisher, Omoyele Sowore who has declared his intention to run for president come 2019 has just said on assumption of office, ‘minimum wage for Nigerian workers will be N100,000’.

Sowore said, ‘our starting minimum wage for Nigerian workers will be N100,000, we can’t run a modern, efficient and corrupt-free civil service without proper remuneration. Rest assured that we can afford it, we simply need to cut public waste and corruption by 20%, diversify our economy, collect taxes, excise and customs duties, stop giving out waivers to cronies…and many more strategies to be unveiled’.

He added that, ‘every year, a Nigerian Senator gets to spend over ?356million practically for doing nothing. However, a Nigerian civil servant who gets up to go to work from 8am-4pm from Monday to Friday is paid 18k ($49.68) per month is told that proper remuneration will cause “inflation”. This unconscionable wage must be jerked up to ?100,000 ($276) immediately we take office on May 29th, 2019. We can’t run an efficient corruption-free civil service particularly Police, Armed Forces, Teachers, and Others without minimally acceptable compensation’. 

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