Valentine Day: YOWICAN preaches peace, warns against immorality

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Christian Association of Nigeria( CAN)

The national chairman of Association of Nigeria (Youth Wing), Belusochukwu Enwere, Saturday called Nigerian youths to reunite the country during the Valentine Day celebration, rather than indulging in immorality and vices.

According to him, youths should “celebrate sense”, warning that Valentine day celebration should not be turned to a money-making venture those in the entertainment and sundry smiling all the way to the bank.

He also advised that youths should observe the – 19 protocols in line the directive of the Presidential Task – 19 and .

While advising them to “show the entire nation that we are ”, he said Valentine should teach them peace, and oneness.

The YOWICAN chairman stated these in a statement to herald the forthcoming celebration of Saint Valentine February 14 2021.

He said, “We must eschew ethic segregation and bitterness and embrace another. The true essence of Valentine Day is true love, not for immorality and other vices.

is supposed to be a day when lovers and married couples, reaffirm their love and genuine affection for another. is not only for married couples; singles also partake in the celebration by spreading what is called agape love.

youths should shun bad practices, immorality and other vices that could demean integrity. Valentine Day should teach us about sacrifice. is about nurturing families and promoting the spirit of giving, sharing and sacrificing.

“Valentine has come to be known as the patron saint of lovers
In the secular world, Valentine day is associated romantic love.
In the 18th century England, it evolved into an occasion in which lovers express their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering, confectionary and sending greeting cards.

“These days, unfortunately, valentine day has been turned to a money-making celebration with those in the entertainment and sundry smiling all the way to the bank.

“Like the first Valentine did by laying down life so that couples be united, and as Christ did by laying down life for us to gain salvation, we must be ready to meaningful sacrifices in life.

“But most importantly, Valentine celebration should bring us closer to the source of true love, Jesus Christ. The Church frowns at a situation whereby secularism appears to trivialize such a very important event that should be a source of great joy to humanity.

“We believe strongly that a world devoid of true love would be an empty world. We need genuine love all over the the country to heal the broken heart and to melt the heart of stones so that lasting peace permeate the whole of humanity.”