VIDEO: 24-year-old girl makes history- grows the first apple tree in Ghana

Although, the Ghanaian and vastly, the African soil has been blessed to bountifully yield various kinds of crops, a recent development has been met with utter disbelief.

tree which known to be developed in cold environments has surprisingly been spotted in Wiamoase in the Ashanti Region of .

An tree with flourishing green leaves that have survived the blazing sun of the dry season here in is indeed worth making headlines.

Interestingly, the tree was planted five years ago by a young lady who passed shortly after it sprouted and never got to see the fruit of her ingenuity and labor.

In a new video, a gentleman who is seemingly in awe of this discovery is seen urging stakeholders like science and institutes and the Ministry of to take advantage and help reproduce fruits on a large scale in .

He rightly suggested that this be done to curb the importation of apples from western countries that supposedly have the most favorable conditions for its cultivation like cold temperature and high humidity.

However, some people still have doubts that the tree is indeed an apple tree and have labeled it a Morro tree or some kind of fig tree because of its resembling features.

Considering that there has always been some kind of a local apple already grown here in Ghana, most netizens believe this new apple tree has a chance of survival and in mass reproduction.

Source: Ghpage

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