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We need a proper structure for music industry – Illbliss


LAGOS – Rap artist, Tobechukwu Melvin-Ejiofor, popularly known as Illbliss, on Wednesday took to social media to applaud the vast growth experienced in the Nigerian rap music industry.
He added that rap music has gradually become an ethnic thing, as artistes now rap in their local dialect with the likes of Phyno, Olamide, Reminisce and others representing the industry well.
The entrepreneur, who owns “The Gorretii Company’’, said that the music industry is actually growing, especially the rap genre and would need a viable platform to plant a structure.
He said that the structure would enable the artistes to derive more pleasure in whatever they were doing, and added that he was happy to be part of the revolution in the rap industry.
Ejiofor, who was also a member of the defunct Hip Hop Hop group- Da Thoroughbred– said that innate creativity was the key to success in the entertainment industry.
“Without your natural creative talents, you will not get far as an artist because you will be relying on other peoples’ creativity to survive,’’he said.

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