Why I dropped out of university, by Dakore

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Actress Dakore Egbuson-Akande has explained she dropped out the .

Many were shocked to know Dakore- Akande does not have a degree and is a dropout.

But she remained one Nollywood biggest stars outstanding eloquence.

The A-list Nollywood actress rolls side by side Nollywood veterans an outstanding brand.

In an Chude, the actress spoke about how and she dropped out .

According to her, she did not graduate from because of incessant strikes.

The actress also revealed that she was harassed by her HOD, which also influenced her decision to quit .

She said: “You know I did try. I did. Let’ break it down, so first I went in 1996/97 to UNILAG to study Mass Comm. But I did a diploma.

“So I did a diploma in Mass Comm, majored in PR and Advertising. Then I left for a year cuz you have to work for a year to make sure it’ something that you really want to do and so I started working at Casers which is an advertising place.“

She added: “After that, I started working at a PR job, Y2Group which is where Emem (Isong) started off. This was before I went back to .

“And then because at that I didn’t have much – nobody knew I was – my had just split up, there were a lot of things going on.

“My dad wasn’t really there to help me with the admission process cuz everything was different. Just tough.

“Then I had to write JAMB again because I didn’t have the ‘leg’ to work my direct entry because I should have entered from Year 2 with a diploma.

“I had to write JAMB again. I wrote JAMB and I did very well and I got into Mass Com., the course I wanted.

“So I started again from Year 1. This is after doing diploma, working, starting again Year 1, Year 2, then Year 2 half, the strike started.

“During that I was on television doing Sports TV so even when I was in uni, I was already on TV.

“So my were asking what kind of efiko is this girl? But I was so driven cuz I knew that I needed this to go where I wanted to go.

“But when the started getting staccato, it’ not for everybody and I got disillusioned.

“I’m trying to finish this thing so I can move on to the next thing and then you guys keep dragging me back, there was a we were at for a year. Just at .

“So I worked with my uncle also trained TY Bello in photography. That is to tell you the kind of person I was, I hated being idle and was trying to make me idle and I was not going to have it. So I said okay, pata pata if I perish, I perish. Year 3, I was out.

“Also, I was being harassed by my HOD at the time. So that was also a very difficult at the time. So I said you know what? I’m going. I’m done. It’s a wrap.”