Why I Went Back To School – Davido Opens Up

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, of Nigeria’s most popular singers, has spoken up on why he went back to school Nigeria after leaving .

dropped out of Oakwood to focus on his music career but he paused his music career and went to Babcock where he graduated July 2015.

When asked why he dropped out of school, said he didn’t drop-out but just left to focus on his music career and continue education in Nigeria.

Davido speaking Shaderoom in a recent interview added that Education never his thing as music has been his first love.

He disclosed that he went back to school because of his parents.

According to him, he wanted to make his father and mother proud because as African parents that’s a priority.

Davido said: “Education thing so after left to Nigeria something just went back to do in order to make Dad proud.

something owed dad and mum so I had to take important but Music has always been first love

“I didn’t drop out, I just left America to continue my school in Nigeria and joggle it Music at .”