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Wike vows to fight Amaechi over appointment of Chief Judge


The Supervising Minister of Education, Nyesom Wike has added his voice to the recent High Court Law passed by the Rivers State House of Assembly, which gives powers to the Chief Registrar to assign cases and carry out administrative duties pending the appointment of a Chief Judge.

Wike in a phone-in radio programme in Port Harcourt said the he would resist the enforcement of the law with all his might.

He said that Governor Amaechi does not mean well for Rivers people, noting that any matter that concerned the PDP would be manipulated in court by the state government.

The Minister while referring to page 44 of the Nation Newspaper of 13th June, 2014, accused the Chief Registrar of being partisan.

“I was reading page 44 of the Nation Newspaper on Friday and I heard what the Chief Registrar said, attacking the PDP. Now a Chief Registrar has turned out to be a politician. I will say welcome to the political arena.

“PDP will not obey that law. If they assign cases, PDP will not appear.

“Let me tell you Amaechi’s style. His style is go ahead. Do whatever you want to do. If they don’t like it, let them go to court. Before they will be free from court, my time would have gone. That is his style.

“An adage of my people tells me that when a mad man flogs you, don’t run because when you run, the mad man will continue to be flogging and chasing you, but when he flogs you and you flog him back, the mad man will run.

“We are going to resist totally because you cannot take everybody for a ride”, Wike said.

The Minister also said he had no preferred candidate for the Chief Judge of the state.

He hinted that the PDP respects the constitution that says the most senior Judge in the High Court should be appointed by the state government.

“Justice Ndu has now retired. I was not the one who created Justice Daizy Okocha to be the second in command when Agumagu left.

“I was not the one who appointed her a Judge, so it is not a question of me preferring. I don’t need to prefer. It is something of hierarchy.

“Okay, you don’t want her to be the next Chief Judge but the constitution is very clear.

“To them, they are taking the step they are supposed to take but to us in the PDP as the opposition party, we cannot see this kind of impunity and you say we should close our eyes.

“We cannot sit down in the PDP and because he is a Governor, things must go. We will not allow it.

“We know what is going on; remember I was Chief of Staff in that Government House.

“I don’t care who becomes the Chief Judge but if you claim to be a product of rule of law, if you claim to be a product of due process, must you not allow rule of law to prevail?” He questioned.

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