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Woman Who Has Been Pregnant For 10 Years Finally Gives Birth In Oyo (Photo)


A young woman, 23 from Togo identified as Elizabeth Packal has given birth after 10 years of pregnancy.

The woman who lives in Oyo state reportedly gave birth to a baby girl, a report by Legit has revealed.

Legit.ng’s regional reporter in Oyo, Imran Khalid, reports that after delivery, Elizabeth said she did not know who impregnated her, owing to the nature of her sickness that kept the pregnancy for 10 years.

Elizabeth, who lives in Eiyeosoka village, Ofiki in Atisbo local government area of Oyo state, gave birth on March 20, 2020 around 7:45 pm at Alaafia Tayo Clinic and Maternity Home situated at Irawo-Owode road, Ofiki in Atisbo local government.

According to a verifiable investigation, the doctor in charge of the hospital, Dr Okawoyin David disclosed that when they brought Packal to his hospital, he inquired of where she was diagnosed for pregnancy and the lady’s father, Ahmadu Guruma Packal, responded that they don’t know the true nature of her sickness, having taken her to several hospitals, both orthodox and unorthodox, including Baptist Medical Centre, Saki.

Guruma added that it was some of his friends who suggested that she should be taken to Alaafia Tayo Clinic and Maternity Centre in Ofiki where she eventually gave birth to a baby girl.

Both Guruma and Dr Olawoyin were said to have been surprised after she Elizabeth gave birth.

Dr Olawoyin said when they brought Elizabeth and asked how long she had been sick, the lady’s father said since 2010.

The doctor said she should be referred to a superior and sophisticated hospital at Ago-Are or Saki but her father refused until the lady finally gave birth.

Doctor Olawoyin said that the case might be fibroid before pregnancy because after delivery, her stomach was still swollen as if there was another pregnancy in it.

Olawoyin reiterated that it is very difficult medically for fibroid and foetus to stay together, adding that it was a mysterious development.

But up till this moment, they still don’t know who impregnated Elizabeth.


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