World Cup: Minister assures Nigerians of Visa availability

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ABUJA – Minister of Sports, Tammy Danagogo, on Thursday assured that seeking entry visa into Brazil for 2014 World Cup would it before commencement of competition.
 Danagogo told newsmen in Abuja that his optimism stemmed his discussions with Brazil’s Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr Joao Lima, when envoy paid him a courtesy visit on Thursday.
“I can assure you that every legitimate that intends to go to Brazil should be able to visa.
 “If you can’t your visa and you are supposed to be there and you are having challenges, if you approach the we will be able to sort it out with them.
 “But so far, he has assured that all fit and proper persons to travel will get their visas and on time.
 “We discussed issues of ensuring that the timing for the release of the visas is as short as possible and he has assured he will do that.
 “We have been discussing ways and means of ensuring that this outing in Brazil is very successful.
 “In doing so, if you recall, we had met with the ambassador to Brazil. So, we are with the Brazilian ambassador to Nigeria.
 “Both of them are very key to ensuring that we enough there to also ensure that team in Brazil stay there without any problem,’’ Danagogo said.
The minister also said, “Brazil and Nigeria, the synergy we have developed, almost share a common aspiration to see that teams play up to the finals in the competition.’’
  Adamu Emozozo, Nigeria’s Ambassador to Brazil, had visited the secretariat of the Nigeria Football (NFA) in January.
 Emozozo during the visit pledged to the as the team prepared for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. (NAN)