World Cup: Sports administrator wants adequate security at viewing centres

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OMU-ARAN –  Ahead 2014 in Brazil, a philanthropist, Mr Yemi Aransiola, has called agencies   provide adequate  at viewing centres in order check  terrorist attack.

Aransiola told News Agency Nigeria (NAN) in Omu-Aran Tuesday that viewing centres could be potential targets for insurgents.

philanthropist, who is also Oyeyemi Academy in Omu-Aran, said  was also  necessary for  owners viewing centres adequate   arrangement.

He urged Nigerians, especially fans, always be security conscious and assist law enforcement agencies in their effort curb terrorism and other vices.

“In view of the security in the country presently, there is a need for law enforcement agencies to focus more viewing centres as the approaches.

“You can trust Nigerians; most of the centres are going be jam-packed with football , hence the need for adequate patrol  and surveillance to prevent attacks.

“Football should also a point of duty to be conscious of their surroundings and not  be totally carried away by the euphoria and excitement of   ,” Aransiola said.

The sport administrator suggested proper registration of   football viewing  centres across the country by the relevant to ensure effective regulation of their activities.

“Football viewing centres are springing every day in the nooks and crannies of the country and they need proper regulation and monitoring by government.

“Most of these centres are also markets where all sorts of alcoholic drinks and other stimulants are sold.

“ This deserves adequate attention in compliance with laid down rules and regulations,” he added. (NAN