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Yvonne Nelson sparks outrage online over ‘politician doesn’t care about you’ comment


Celebrated Ghanaian actress and film producer, Yvonne Nelson has sparked outrage on social media with her recent post advising Ghanaians to not be deceived by politicians and that Ghana politicians do not care about citizens.

According to Yvonne Nelson in a tweet, she lamented,
“Politician: stay home, stay safe ~ people: ok ~ Politician: go out and register ~ people: ok ME: the politician doesn’t care about you, use your common sense this election won’t change anything in your life, joining crowded queues endangers your life”

As harmful as her tweet is social media users and some fans, as usual, rained harsh comments on her declaring that even though what she stated is true, Yvonne is a hypocrite and should be the last person to state that.

Others also questioned her if her decision to not register means she is not going vote to support her friend and colleague John Dumelo.

The actress and entrepreneur attested that the December polls will not change anything, because politicians will always be greedy and selfish hence the necessity for Ghanaians to use their common sense.

See some of the reactions below:
@babeldegeneral: “See who is talking do you remember 2016 election what you did…”

@osteenbimpong: “So you won’t register to vote for your blossom friend

@dosoocourage: “It will change a whole lot. Stop being a hypocrite”

@DonNobel: “you got it wrong.They said don’t go out if you don’t have anything needful doing outside and the voter ID is needful so we can go out and do it moreover we don’t do the voter ID purposefully for voting

@ JnrBonsu: “Yvonne it’s better to apprise the people to adhere to the protocols. Eg is when we were locked down,U and I witnessed some Ghanaians who went out just to see wats going on out there. So don’t always jostle the problems on the politicians.They’ve never forced anyone to register.”


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