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Abuja residents throng parks to celebrate New Year


Abuja – Abuja residents on Saturday gave thanks to God for His grace and protection and for allowing them to witness the New Year.

They also expressed hope that 2016 would usher in peace, development, prosperity and a new lease of life to Nigerians.

A cross section of the residents, who thronged various recreation parks in the city to catch fun, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in separate interviews that they are expected their socio-economic situation to improve this year.

One of the residents, Mr Dauda Anzaku, who was at the Millennium Park in Maitama, told NAN that he came to celebrate the New Year with his family.

“It is a New Year; I came to the park to enjoy with my family because we all made it into 2016.

“We crossed over to the New Year in the church yesterday and today we are here to continue with the celebration.

“I pray that this year will bring good tidings and improvement in the conditions of Nigerians,’’ he said.

Mrs Emily Zuppai, a civil servant, expressed joy for the peaceful celebration of Christmas despite the difficult times exacerbated by the delay in the payment of salaries of civil servants.

“After the delay, majority of civil servants got their salaries signifying hope for a better New Year.

“The celebration is on and we thank God for the relative peace we enjoyed in Abuja during the Christmas.

“I pray that such peace will be witnessed across the country,’’ Zuppai said.

Mrs Assumta Okoronko, a trader at Wuse Market, who was at Transcorp Hilton Hotel Children’s Park in Maitama with her three children, thanked God for the relative peace in Abuja during the celebration of Xmas.

“The year is still new and I pray that Nigeria will continue to remain one and grow from strength to strength.

“I enjoyed the peace that pervaded Abuja during the yuletide; there was no bomb blast and a lot of people came out and had fun,’’ she said.

At Monolisa Park at Area 11 Garki, some children were seen enjoying themselves on swings, while others rode on horseback and raced on cars.

Mr Vitalis Danji, communication consultant, who together with his two children were seen riding on horseback, told NAN that his children loved riding on horseback.

“My children were very happy when we mounted the horse.

“There is no end to seeking for fun; the New Year started yesterday and we are still having fun today in the park,’’ Danji said.

At Magic Land, Mr Peters Babatunde, a public servant, expressed thanks and appreciation to God for allowing him and his family see another year.

“ You can see a lot of people coming to the park to celebrate the New Year; I believe 2016 will bring joy and happiness to Nigerians.

“The fun will continue since the year is still new,’’ he said (NAN)

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