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Actress Angela Okorie In More Trouble As South Africa-based Reveals Secrets


The alleged theft and rape saga that has been trailing Nollywood actress, Angela Okorie, will take sometime to die down as much as she has tried to quash the issue. Angela Okorie, a married former beauty queen, has bee a subject of an alleged theft, rape and blackmail scandal involving her and a South African based Nigerian called Prosper whom she was reported to be having an affair with when she and some other artistes from the country, including Prince Ekeh, the husband of Nigerian singer, Muma Gee, went to shoot a movie in that country. Prince Ekeh had raised the alarm after allegedly catching Angela with Prosper in an uncompromising situation, an action that led to a bitter exchange of words between Angela and Prince, with the former Delta Soap Queen stating that the said Prosper wanted to rape her. But the man in the center of the storm Prosper has come out to state his own side of the case, claiming that Angela was actually his girlfriend even as a married woman and that she only got angry when Prince Ekeh exposed their dalliance. He also added that Angela actually stole his money.

This is how Prosper narrated his story: That I tried to rape her or was begging her for sex is laughable. I knew she was coming to South Africa. I promised to help her when she got here. She and Prince Eke arrived on Monday morning. I saw them in the evening and Prince was complaining that he didn’t like where he was staying. So Angela and I agreed that she would move out of the guest house and move in with me so Prince Eke could move into the guest house. She left the place and moved in with me on Wednesday. She said she moved in with her friend named NK. There’s no such person. I have a roommate, a young girl that I am helping, who is like a family friend. She didn’t know Angela until she moved in with me. She lied about moving into a friend’s house. She moved into my house. We were lovers. Please quote me. When Prince Eke confronted me and said I was messing around with a married woman, I was quite surprised because Angela told me she was estranged from her husband. After I heard she was married, I distanced myself from her and we began to have issues in the house. She started to give me attitude and also Prince Eke because he had told me she was married. About the money, after we finished shooting that Saturday, I took Prince Eke to a Barber’s salon to get a haircut. Angela said she wanted to go home. Later, she called me to say she was leaving my house. We had quarreled that morning but she didn’t tell me she would be leaving. She was supposed to stay at my place until she leaves South Africa. When I got home, I asked my roommate if she’d seen Angela and she said Angela had left the house in a hurry with her things, that someone had been waiting for her outside the house. I checked the cameras in the premises and saw that she’d left in a hurry. I went to my room and searched for my money and saw it was gone. I called her for several hours but she didn’t pick, so I went to the police. We were able to trace her to Hilton hotel. She and the guy with her were both arrested and it was the guy that signed the affidavit. Why would I set her up? I am a rap artist and producer in South Africa. My stage name is P-Skrilla.

*Source: Pulse.ng

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