ASABA residents pay N10 to read newspapers at news stands

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ASABA – Newspaper vendors in Asaba, the Delta capital, now collect N10 from readers who preferred to read the papers at newsstands instead of buying them to save cost.

Mr Azuibuike Emmanuel who sells newspapers at the popular Ibusa Junction told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) Sunday that most readers now preferred paying N10 and the dailies to buying them.

Azubuike said that he decided to introduce the levy since the readers, most of whom were unemployed, craved for but could not afford to buy the newspapers. He said that he could no longer tolerate their the papers free because he was not making huge sales like he made in the past.


Miss Abigail Onwuzulike also told NAN at the Summit Junction newsstand that she also charged each of such readers N10 to read the headline since they did not want to buy.

Onwuzulike said that some of them even preferred pairing with in paying the amount to be allowed to flip through the papers together.

She added that she had been able to realise some money from the levy to augment the income she made from sales. (NAN)