Association to establish training institute for tourism teaching –FTAN

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ABUJA – Mr Tomi Akingbogun, , Federation of Tourism Association of (FTAN) said the association would establish its institute the country to facilitate tourism teaching.

Akingbogun speaking at the ongoing 2014 Tourism Investors Forum and Exhibition (NTIFE) Abuja on Wednesday.

He noted the would also assist growth the tourism sector.

According to him, the building will only be actualised by from investors who to develop the industry.

“ The association is working toward creating a institute and looking for people who will to invest with .

“We need to do our job to the level international organisation will begin to envy .

“Country like Kenya have a teaching hotel that is about 45 years old and in , we are yet to have one,’’ he said.

He called for from various relevant stakeholders to grow the tourism sector, while urging government to create an enabling environment for private sectors.

“ We have been talking about tourism fund, but the problem is that, if we wait for the government, we will never get anything.

“But the issue is that, we cannot do it alone.

“The usefulness of government is to create an enabling environment for the private sectors to grow and also for our business to thrive.”

Akingbogun condemned the rate at which banks enslave investors in the area of bank loans.

“The issue of cost of bank loan of between 28 and 30 percent is posing threat to investors in the sector, especially investors in the hospitality industry.

“There is way we can grow our tourism sector if there are threats from the banks,’’ he said.

He solicited for more supports as several submissions to ministries, commercial banks; central bank underway to fast track the building of the school. (NAN)