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Ekiti, Adamawa: PDP, Presidency declare war on democracy, says Lagos APC


Lagos State chapter of All Progressives Congress, APC, has described the impeachment of Governor Murtala Nyako of Adamawa State and the electoral victory of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Ekiti State as an indication of total war on the opposition and democracy by PDP-controlled Federal Government.
Publicity Secretary of the party and human rights activist, Mr. Joe Igbokwe, who made the remarks at a media briefing in Ikeja yesterday, alleged that all the nation’s security agencies had been given instructions to crush the opposition at all cost.
According to Igbokwe, given the activities of President Jonathan and PDP in recent times, it is obvious that total war has been declared on the opposition and democracy.
He called on defenders of democracy and rule of law to rise against the trend, saying the nation’s democracy was under serious threat.
He stated: “I saw it coming. After the registration of APC and the defection of some PDP governors to APC, I warned that there would be intimidation, subterfuge, brigandage, suppression, oppression, repression, force and harassment.
“They first went to court to stop the governors and failed. Now they have resorted to using stolen money to buy lawmakers in various states of assembly to impeach elected APC governors.
“Using the heavy, weighty instrumentality of the Federal Government, the Presidency and PDP have decided to decimate and desecrate the opposition by crude and rough tactics.” (PM News)[eap_ad_3]

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