NMA seeks police protection for its members

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BENIN – The newly-elected President of the Medical (NMA), Dr Kayode Obembe, has called for adequate security for its members, to curtail the incessant kidnapping of doctors in the country.

Obembe made the call at a news conference Sunday at the end of the NMA’s 54th Annual General Meeting and Delegates Conference held in Benin.

“It is common knowledge that doctors are the most vulnerable group when it comes to kidnapping.

“It is time for to ask for police escorts for members wherever we are going because it is a proven that we are delivering to all Nigerians and we are not protected.

“We want government at all levels to police protection for doctors in the course of their duties, including in their various health institutions.

are protected round-the-clock, even in their houses, so can’t the government do the same for the doctors,” he said.

Obembe said that by ensuring the safety of doctors, it would also be beneficial to the public, stressing that when doctors are kidnapped, patients would also feel the pains.

the decadence in the Primary Healthcare centres, he said that the passage of the National Health bill (NHB) would proffer the needed solution.

The new NMA president said that the bill allowed for a certain amount of money to be geared towards primary healthcare in the country.

Speaking the perceived gap in public sector doctors receiving more benefits, Obembe said that the Community Based Health Insurance Scheme (CBHIS), when fully operational, would the gap.

He said that the scheme, every community would have a doctor would be the Primary Healthcare Provider for that community.

The NMA President said that with the Health Insurance coverage in place, every citizen would have access to “promotive, curative and rehabilitative health ”.

He also called for more cooperation from the media in the coverage of the ’s assignments.

Obembe added that the poised to promote Universal Health Coverage for all Nigerians. (NAN)