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No solution in sight for Israeli-Palestinian conflict – Swedish envoy to UN


Washington –   Swedish Ambassador to the United Nations Olof Skoog has said he does not expect progress anytime soon with respect to achieving lasting peace in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“I don’t see that in the months to come, I’m afraid,’’ Skoog, the outgoing president of the UN Security Council, told newsmen.

Skoog pointed out that the conflict is “hugely disruptive” as it contributes to the suffering of the Palestinian people, specifically in Gaza, and also has a spillover effect in the region whereby and it increases tensions.

However, Skoog said resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict should be a priority.

“Has it been a priority? I’m afraid not.

“There have just been a lot of events that are actually moving us sometimes further away from peace than closer to peace,’’ Skoog said.

The Swedish ambassador listed the U.S. moving its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem earlier this year, as well as the recently passed legislation declaring Israel to be a Jewish nation-state as being such events.

“It’s a very, very dangerous situation. I don’t think the Security Council has done enough about it.

“In the absence of any political solution, which Skoog called at best “elusive,’’ the Swedish ambassador said

He believed the UN Security Council should at least take measures to lessen the humanitarian crisis.

“Improving the conditions of life for the people in Gaza could deescalate the rising tensions,’’ Skoog said.



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