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Sad! 24 year-old Woman Stabs Husband To Death During Argument In Lagos


A 24-year old housewife, Mrs. Chinaza Oparah, has turned herself to widow and now facing charge for murder for stabbing her 27-year old husband, Obinna, to death during a scuffle in Lagos.

PM Express reports that the incident happened at No. 34 Owodeni Street, Amukoko area of Lagos, where they reside.

Police operatives from the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, Panti Yaba, have arrested Mrs. Chinaza for culpable homicide and she will be charged for murder which attracts life imprisonment if she is tried and found guilty before the Court.

Mrs. Chinaza, who hails from Anambra State got married to Obinna from Imo State almost a year ago.

The duo reportedly met early 2017 at Onitsha, Anambra State, when Obinna, a tiler, had gone there to work and in the process they fell in love and even had a child out of wedlock. But in order to make their union formal, they got married traditionally in November 2018.

However, the love story went sour, when in the early hours of Monday, 2nd December, 2019, Chinaza stabbed Obinna on the left side of his chest with a kitchen knife over a misunderstanding. The husband, Obinna, did not survive it as he died shortly after.

Chinaza had after killing her husband called neighbours for help, but it was already too late. Irate neighbours had attempted to lynch her for the act, but for the timely intervention of men from the Amukoko Police Division, who came to her rescue.

Mrs. Chinaza, who is currently in Police custody at the Homicide Section of the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (SCIID), was all tears as she narrated what led to the killing of her husband.

On Sunday, 1st December, her husband had gone out to visit his kinsman, Chibueze Ojika, and returned late that evening. On his return, Obinna had while discussing with his wife, warned her to stay away from a particular single lady, simply identified as Ogechi, their neighbour, whom he accused of being wayward. Chinaza had insisted on continuing her friendship with Ogechi, describing her as a good girl who was only being resented by some neighbours not pleased with her refusing a marriage proposal from another neighbour.

While Chinaza said she cautioned her husband not to listen to hearsay, the discussion degenerated into a heated argument, extending into the early hours of Monday.

It was in the heat of the argument that Chinaza picked a kitchen knife, with which she said she wanted to scare her husband. Obinna succeeded in taking the knife from her and in the process inflicting a cut on her left thumb. Angered by the wound, Chinaza picked another kitchen knife and this time, stabbed her husband on the chest with it.

Making a confessional statement, she said, “That Sunday evening, when he came back home, we had a misunderstanding. He said he was hearing news of my friend, Ogechi, flirting around and that he did not want me close to her. I insisted the girl was a good girl since she had been my friend for a while. I insisted that it was just because the girl had refused to marry his friend, who is also a neighbour, that is why news about her being a flirt is flying.”

“We had a little misunderstanding about the issue and then, we went to bed. I placed my hand on his body and he threw my hand away. I asked if he was still angry and he said I must obey his instruction. I continued to insist on the girl’s innocence.

“He said he would deal with me since I no longer want to obey him. We kept exchanging words and out of anger, I seized his phone, jokingly, thinking he would loosen up, but he did not. He forcefully took the phone from me. I went to pick a kitchen knife, threatened him that if he threw my hand away again, I would injure him. But I was only joking. He forcefully took the knife from me, injuring me on my left thumb. He kept the knife on the refrigerator.”

“He then told me that before I injure him, he would injure me. I went to the cupboard to take another kitchen knife, a knife that was sort of blunt and had not been in use for a while.”

“While I was still standing close to the cupboard, he came to me, hit me on the face and in response, I also raised my left hand to hit him back, forgetting I was holding a knife. The knife pierced the left side of his chest and he told me I had stabbed him. I thought he was joking because it was dark. It was when I saw blood on the floor and bed that I held him, touched his chest and noticed the blood pumping out.”

“I then ran out of the house shouting for help. Our neighbours came, we looked for a tricycle, which was difficult to get at that time of the day, we finally took him to two different private hospitals that rejected him. Neighbours also rushed him to Orege General Hospital in Ajegunle and brought him back home, saying the doctor had confirmed him dead. ”

Chinaza also claimed that before the incident, a pastor had warned her and her husband to move out of the house where they lived. She also noted that the pastor told her that the compound was evil and that people die mysteriously there.

While also speaking on the personality of her husband and their relationship, she said: “My husband and I have lived a very peaceful life. We had our misunderstandings as man and wife, but we never took it to heart as we would always settle things immediately”.

“One thing that now makes sense to me is that our quarrels were mostly in the evening when he returns home. I guess people were feeding him with stories that were not true and he believed them, and that was always causing trouble at home. We have only been married for one year and our child is just two years old and now this.”

“If I had known this was our fate together, I wouldn’t have married him. We met two years back, when he came to work at Onitsha; we went into a relationship and were sexually involved. He left after the job and I noticed I was pregnant. I had lost his contact and could not inform him of my pregnancy. I gave birth to our baby girl and was able to reconnect with him one year after through Facebook. I told him we had a child together and within days, he came to Onitsha.”
“He told me he would not leave his child and the mother far from him, and immediately came to do the traditional marriage rites. We have been living together for only one year, and God knows that I cannot kill my husband just like that, it is not ordinary, I strongly believe there is a spiritual force behind my killing my husband.”

“The compound where we live is evil. People have been dying there mysteriously. A woman just died some eight days ago and even my pastor had told me to pack out of the compound, that the compound is evil.”

“We even had plans for the New Year; he had promised to rent a shop where I will be selling things. We even planned to have a white wedding next year. All that is now history! If I had known, I would have remained single, after all not all my age mates are married” she said.


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