Some Financial Tips Everyone Should Know

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By Steve Paul

10 simple things:
* Don’t buy (or rent) more house than you need to live
* If you buy a car, maintain it and drive it for its useful life. Getting bored with a car is expensive habit. Cost per year is lowest this way.
* For things you truly need, buy good quality that will last
* Pay cash and don’t live on credit, a house purchase being the exception
* Buy used for many things that depreciate fast: Furniture, cars, even second-hand clothes that are almost new can be had for 10–20 cents on the dollar.
* Limit meals out to entertainment not merely convenience to avoid preparing own meals
* Vacation with friends and family so some expenses can be shared
* Consider fees and expenses when you invest. Small leaks sink big ships.
* The most expensive vacation is not necessarily the most rewarding. Shared experiences often don’t cost very much, and are the most memorable
* Learn to bargain and practice walking away. The buyer almost always has the advantage if you use it. Almost everything is negotiable!

Finally, invest in/spend on your fitness and your health!

Source: Quora