Here Are The Hardest Truth Of Life

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By Dinesh Reddy

  1. Most girls are abused by their relatives.
  2. Everyone’s love is conditional, even your parents’.
  3. Karma exists.
  4. Your looks matter more than your talent.
  5. People don’t care about your suggestions until you become famous.
  6. No one thinks from your perspective.
  7. There is a phase in everyone’s where everything sucks. (Don’t give up. Face it, you’ll know the value of life).
  8. Believe it or not, there is evil in everyone’s character.
  9. 98% of Indian parents care about society more than their own children.
  10. Expectations hurt.
  11. Law of attraction exists.
  12. When you’ll lose all your money, everyone who loves you, will leave.
  13. Most people don’t agree with the second statement.
  14. Everyone wants to become rich but no one wants to take risks.(This is like everyone wants to go to heaven but no one wants to die)

Source: Quora