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Vietnamese Police Detain Facebook User for Anti-state Propaganda

Vietnamese Police

Hanoi (Vietnam – Police in a Central Highlands province of Vietnam on Friday arrested a Facebook user for spreading anti-state propaganda.

Lam Dong province’s police said Nguyen Vuong, 28, from Don Duong district, was arrested for making, storing, distributing /disseminating information, documents and articles against the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
Vuong was accused of making and spreading documents on Facebook and other social media, speaking ill of the communist regime and offending the founding leader of the communist party.

He was also accused of participating in demonstrations in Ho Chi Minh City on June 10, 2018, protesting government’s special economic zone bill, which critics feared would allow China to establish territorial footholds in Vietnam.

He was, however, fined 750,000 dong, or 32 dollars, for joining the protest.

Vietnam, with a population of 95 million, is a single-party South-East Asian communist state that regularly jails human rights activists and dissidents.

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