World Cup: Keshi says Eagles must improve to succeed in Brazil

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Super Eagles coach Stephen Keshi has admitted that his team must improve if they would succeed at the World Cup in Brazil.
He said this after the Eagles drew 0-0 with fellow World Cup finalists Greece in Philadelphia last night.
He said, “We always have very difficult games but the motivation be do a lot better we managed in our last couple games.
“The truth is we didn’t play our game. The importance a friendly game is know your weakness and what needs improvement.
“What I found out is that we were able keep our ball possession like we did for the last 12 15 minutes. The whole idea was control the game.”
“All I need is the mentality and discipline to dominate your game and your chances
“In friendlies you can correct your mistakes but in a tournament it can cost us dearly.
“So we’ll see how it goes in the next game because that is another chance to improve this .”
last friendly before the World Cup come against the USA Saturday in Jacksonville, Florida after which the team depart for Brazil 8 June to prepare for their first the tournament.
first game is against Iran followed by Bosnia-Herzegovina with their last group game against Argentina. ( politics online)